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London Keelboat Sailing

Team racing action at Queen Mary, March 2013

Specialists in keelboat training, racing and teambuilding all inside the M25

We are delighted to have J80 'big boats' at Queen Mary and in a unique position to provide a keel boating experience in the suburbs of London.   

J80 Hire Options

  • Team Building - Groups of five on a yacht and we can accommodate a team of up to forty on the water using eight boats at a time. This is a great option for companies in London to get small management groups together, working as a crew and having a great team bonding experience. 
  • Youth Keel Boat Experience - There is a big step from dinghy sailing to yachting and we can provide the  opportunity to try this type of sailing. This is great fun and will build your knowledge and confidence to do more big boat sailing with a keelboat instructor. We are looking to hold youth keel boat events please let us know if you are interested and would like to be contacted in the future.
  • Family hire - Perfect if you are heading over seas for a family holiday and want to spend some time on a yacht to build experience and confidence. Preparation is key when sailing and spending a day with an instructor could make a world of difference for your enjoyment abroad. Our instructors can teach the basics of rigging, tacking and gybing, and also help you practise the skills of picking up a mooring buoy, heaving-to, man over-board, sailing in strong winds and coming alongside a pontoon. 
  • Experienced Hire - If you the qualifications and experience you can hire a yacht and spend a day on the water having fun or practicing as a crew. Sailing crews have used us as a central loaction as it saved on both travel time and travel costs to meet at QM with our South West London location.  
  • Match Racing and Fleet Racing - QMSC has 40 years of experience organising sailing regattas, and with access to our committee boats you could be a phone call away from creating your own bespoke yachting event. 

Whatever your sailing goals, give us a call to start the ball rolling and get your team on the water. 


Details of Keelboat Hire

The Keelboats

The J80 boats are owned by Magna Carta School and were funded through the national Youth Opportunity Fund. The hire rates are particularly beneficial to young people. They are kept and operated by Queen Mary SC at Ashford, Middlesex (see queenmary.org.uk) and are normally available for hire when the club is open. Evening hire sessions may be available by arrangement and the boats may be available for offsite hire by arrangement.


A competent helm in all cases must have adequate experience or be under the supervision of an approved coach or Instructor (details required). They must all be approved by Vicki Thurston.  Any hire to U18s must have a responsible adult sign the application form & remain on site at all times for the duration of the hire. Queen Mary offer RYA tuition on the J80s – please enquire through the QM office.


The damage deposit is £500. This must be paid before the hire starts (can be on the day of hire), either by cheque payable to “QMSC” or by credit/debit card (exceeding the waiver value) being left with QM for the duration of the hire.  In the event that damage occurs this must be reported immediately to the QM Duty Officer. In anything other than minor damage, the damage deposit must be made up to £500 after deduction of the estimated cost of making good the damage before further sailing is allowed.  Please see separate ‘Damage Charges’ sheet for a breakdown of estimated costs.  If there is serious damage the hire is stopped immediately.


The owners and their representatives reserve the right to inspect the boats at any time. The boat will be inspected before and after the hire.  The damage waiver will not be returned until the boat has been inspected. Your representative may be present at the inspections.


Third party insurance is included in the hire fee, as is damage to the boat with an excess of £500. Losses or damage sustained during the hire will be charged at the estimated cost of replacement or repair price at up to £500 for each and every claim. Hirers wishing to insure against these risks or personal injury must make arrangements themselves.

Operational Limits

  • A maximum of 6 sailors will be allowed on the J80 at any one time.  All participants to wear CE approved buoyancy aids or lifejackets (with a minimum of 50N) when on the water.
  • The J80s (regardless of personal abilities) will not be eligible for hire in winds exceeding 25kts.  Spinnakers will be curtailed in excess of 15kts.
  • Individual limitations may be brought in sooner than the maximum operational limit at the discretion of the QM Duty Officer.

Powerboat Hire

Any powerboat driver operating at QM MUST be qualified to a minimum of RYA Powerboat Level 2 AND be authorised by Vicki Thurston prior to the day of hire.  RIBs will not always be available.

Additional Options

The guard rails on the boats are not normally fitted. We will fit them if required but this will incur an extra charge of £80 per boat and QM must be informed a minimum of 7days prior to the hire date (via the application form).Both asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers are available. Please fill in the relevant section on the Application form if you require either.


With every hire, a host is included.  The host will be experienced in rigging J80s.  They will be available for the duration of the hire period to assist in getting maximum on-water time with minimum fuss.   Should you require an additional host for the second J80, please specify this on the application form.  Any tuition must be booked directly through QM office (and not through the application form).


Full day timings are 0930-1630.  Standard half day timings are either 0930-1230 OR 1330-1630.  Should you require different session times, please call the Queen Mary office.


Standard catering is available at weekends.  If you require weekday catering or specific catering on a weekend (buffet options available), please call the QM office.

Application Form

The application form must be completed before the commencement of any hire period and full hire payment received before confirmation issued.  Terms & conditions for hire will be found here. Contact


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